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The Dutch House, built around 1756, has occupied this site since before the American Revolution. However, it was not always a tavern. Most likely, the Dutch House was originally used as a simple one-story farmhouse, built from the beautiful red sandstone that distinguishes many of the landmark historic properties in Bergen County. The upper clapboard level of the house was added later, as were the windows on the sides of the original stone structure. The taproom was added in the early part of the 1900s. 

The earliest known occupant of the Dutch House was Richard J. Berdan, who acquired the property in 1808. The surrounding area was mostly woodland, dotted with occasional farms. Since that time, the Dutch House has belonged to several different families, and has been used as a residence, a tearoom, and a tavern.


In 1961, the Dutch House was acquired by Frank J. Drahouzal. Today it is still owned and operated by his family: Penny, Frank David and Marlies Drahouzal. We are committed to maintaining the Dutch House and its unique atmosphere while providing the finest in pub fare to our visitors and loyal patrons. We hope that you will enjoy our tavern!


The Drahouzal Family

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